Kattali Textile Limited (KTL) was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 26 June, 2002 under the Companies Act 1994. It was converted into Public Limited Company on October 17, 2016. The commercial operations of the company started on June 01 March, 2004. The company, Kattali Textile Limited (KTL) is concentrated in Manufacturing, Cutting, Swing & Finishing of 100% woven garments and exporting the same as an exporter. The principal activities of the company are to produce and export of different types of garment products like Men’s Long Shirt, Boys Pant, Ladies shirt, Boy’s Polo Shirt, Boys Long Pant, Boys Jacket, Men’s Fit Front Short, Ladies Shorts, Boy’s Trouser, Girl’s Pant, Girl’s Skirts, Girl’s Top, and Man’s Top etc. It is serving many international buyers in the North American and the European markets.

The principal buyers of the company are Wal-mart, GRAN INC (USA), Regatta Limited, Kohls, JC Penney, Target, K-mart, Mango, Calvin Klein, At-Last, Weatherproof, ENYCE, Kenneth Cole, Nautica, etc. The company won many awards for its quality products and compliance with economy standards. The Company (Kattali Textile Limited) has no subsidiaries.

  1. Location of the project:

The Corporate office of KTL is situated in 165 SK Mujib Road, BM Heights, Agrabad, Bangladesh. 

  1. Plant, machinery, technology, process, etc:

Kattali Textile Limited has been using sophisticated machinery and technology in order to produce high-quality man’s and a woman’s woven Garments. It helps the Company to be competitive over the competitors in the market because of latest machineries and technologies.